[1] New beginnings

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I have started over with so many blogs, I’ve lost count. I have lost inspiration, ideas and zeal on the way. Why? Well, if you’re interested in too many things you sort of lose the focus on what you want to write. And this is what happened to me.

Have I figured it out? Maybe. I decided to write about a couple of topics that are either an interest of mine, a hobby, or are connected to work. This gives me sort of a happy medium and I can explore certain topics a bit further.

What are the topics?

  • photography – somewhere at the back of my head I still have a feeling that this is what I should be doing in my life. Maybe at one point?
  • art – ┬áthe secret artistic soul has to come out every now and then, especially when I get inspired by a fascinating exhibition in a gallery
  • design – recently rediscovered and also something connected to work (in a minor degree, but still – packaging is part of design, right?)

So, keep your fingers crossed for me!