Inspiration for today – In the Presence of Sculpture exhibition

Today I decided to go and see the Elisabeth Frink exhibition at the Djanogly Gallery. It featured some of her paintings, sculptures and drawings, as well as photos of her studio in Dorset and some recreated studio space:

IMG_2694 copy

I wish I had a studio like that!

Elisabeth Frink was one of the most prolific artists of her time, she created more than 400 sculptures by herself – without any help from assistants. Her main themes included animals – mainly bird and horses, as well as figures of men, there were also religious motifs in her works. If you want more information on her work and life, go here or here.

The exhibition featured some of her most important works, giving you insight into her life’s creations.

Warrior Bird, 1953
Leaping Man, 1985 (left) and Small Male Figure (right)









The exhibition was very inspiring. Frink’s sculptures make you think about how people interpret different things and aspects of life and I think that’s what she wanted to show in her works – her view on our surroundings – animals, and us – human beings.

Today was the last day of the exhibition, but if you ever have a chance to see Elisabeth Frink’s works – I would definitely recommend it.



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