Bits I like: Watches.

I could say I sometimes like a bit of ‘old-school’. I do like wearing a watch. Nowadays it’s more common to check the time on your newest smartphone, tablet etc., but for me watch is an important accessory. And it doesn’t need charging every day.

I am not talking about the electronic watches, they are definitely not my type! I mean the classic watches with analog face, different styles and patterns of straps.

taken from Nordstrom, design by Kate Spade

Olivia Burton, GlitterGatsby
taken from GlitterGatsby, design by Olivia Burton

I personally like leather straps, mainly brown – just like the ones above. But I have one watch with a black strap, which was given to me by my Mum (first one below). The one in the middle I bought by myself as a birthday present. I’ve been looking for a watch with a strap that looks like a bracelet when you wear it, and I found one right in time for my birthday two years ago. The last one was also a birthday present, this time from my high school friends.


This one is a special one. It was given to me by my Mum on my 18th birthday. It even has my motto – ‘follow your dreams’ engraved on it. This watch accompanied me in many situations, I usually have it with me in stressful situations – as a lucky charm.

IMG_2729 copy

All my watches carry some sort of story with them. It might seem to be a cliché, but I think having accessories that actually mean something to you makes them more valuable than the most expensive watch.


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