4 creative bits of May

May was a busy month for me – final exams at university, assessments etc. Now I’m looking for a graduate job, though it takes ages because I get distracted with things I find on the Internet. So here I am, posting about them!

So, in this series of posts I will share with you some creative content I found this month on the Internet. Here we go!

Credits: James Stapleton

Colour, symmetry and patterns in cities – photographs taken by Matthias Heiderich, featured by one of my favourite inspiration websites – Creative Boom. Photos are amazing, so I recommend taking a look!

Some amazing photos featured on Cereal, this time from Ireland.

If you’re in London any time soon and you’re a fan of photography, check out this Time Out London review of photography exhibitions. Film photography at V&A sounds really interesting!

If you ever wondered what is it like living in New York’s penthouse, check this Wallpaper article by Mary Pelletier. Now I wish I lived in one!


P.S. The featured picture comes from the Cereal article, I do not own it! 🙂


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