Favourite places in Hamburg

During my year abroad I had the opportunity of living in Hamburg for 6 months and I could explore the place a bit. Even though it is not my favourite place of all time, I suppose there are a couple of places I actually liked and enjoyed visiting. Also, I have to say that Hamburg is a quite photogenic place. Maybe not everywhere, but definitely there are great places to photograph.

So, here are a couple of my favourite places in the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg!


World Coffee. A great café near Alster, with a broad choice of coffees and teas and with something for the sweet tooth as well. They have some great space upstairs where you can sit and observe the street, which I find quite useful. And it was quite close to where I worked.


Viewing platform, St. Michaelis Kirche. The view from there is amazing. With good weather you can see almost all of Hamburg and you can take some great photos from there. It’s also pretty close to the river.



Mexican restaurant El Picosito. The food is amazing AND you can speak Spanish with the staff (if you know Spanish, that is). And I even got a free tequila shot for my birthday! Definitely worth visiting if you feel like eating Mexican.



Eppendorf. It’s a really pretty quarter with amazing architecture and it is very photogenic. A bit as if you were visiting the old Germany. They have nice cafés as well.

Eppendorf at night

Depending on what you like, you can find great activities for your leisure time as there is a lot to do in Hamburg. The only thing you need is friends and… money.


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