Inspiration for today – visit to Wroclaw

Yesterday I visited Wroclaw. I have never been there, but since I wanted to see my friend from Hamburg, why not have a tour around the city centre as well? Especially that the city is quite pretty.

Why do I love travelling? Well, it’s great to visit new places, to see what it’s like and how people live. Though, I have to say that Wroclaw isn’t all that different from my hometown, it definitely is bigger and the market square reminds me of the one in Krakow.

Every new place is a new photography topic for me. I love the streets and the variety of themes and little things worth documenting.

Why is it an inspiration? New places, new ideas – it’s good to do or visit a new place, I like to think that it might give me a different way of looking at something – a problem, situation etc., which needs solving.

Wroclaw has great architecture – old and new, some pretty picturesque streets and.. some really good ice cream. I have to say it was definitely a nice day out, something I needed especially after what has been happening for the past week in Europe, in general.


Ostrow Tumski
Ostrow Tumski

So, looking for inspiration? Pop in to Wroclaw!


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