Favourite places in Barcelona.

I had the opportunity to spend 5 amazing months in this popular city, so I had time to explore it. And I simply fell in love with Barcelona. It’s not just about the streets, buildings and proximity to the sea. It’s much more!

DelaCrem artisan ice cream. It has to be in the first place, because they have some amazing “homemade” ice cream. Different flavours (mojito!) and lovely interiors is all you need in this place, really. Central location makes it quite easy to find – it’s just round the corner from University of Barcelona!


Montjuïc hill. There are too many things to do in this area. Several pretty gardens, like the Botanic Garden of Barcelona, a castle, a couple of museums and art galleries including my favourite – Fundació Miró and some amazing views of the city!


Streets of Barrio Gótico. You could spend ages in this part of Barcelona, simply because there are so many hidden gems there! Little shops and cafés, pretty plazas and buildings. Also, Els 4Gats for Picasso fans. Need I say more?

Gràcia. More pretty streets, shops, buildings and squares…


and… Park Güell. Some people say it’s overrated and too many people go there. Honestly, yes, there are many tourists there. Barcelona is a tourist place though and during the summer there are loads of people everywhere. That doesn’t change the fact that Park Güell is one of the prettiest parks I’ve seen. It’s quite big and there are still many places I haven’t got round to see.



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