5 exhibitions worth checking out

Going to London anytime soon? I am! And since I cannot go to London without visiting at least one of the museums and art galleries, I decided to check out what’s currently on (or at least in the nearest future)!


  • If you’re interested in 20th Century art, there is a Georgia O’Keeffe exhibition in Tate Modern. The American artist is considered to be the ‘mother of American modernism’ so if you are into modernism or American art it’s definitely worth seeing. Tickets £19
  • If you are a photography fan you should check out the Terence Donovan: Speed Of Light exhibition in The Photographers’ Gallery. Some great black and white photos from London’s swinging 60′. Entry is free until 12 pm.
  • And something for nature lovers – Natural History Museum prepared a special event for us to see the Great Barrier Reef. Another great thing – Sir David Attenborough is the guide. Tickets £6.50


  • If you’re a fan of porcelain, or Japan, you should check out this exhibition in the British Museum.
  • Also, watercolours presenting 18th Century Rome by a British artist – Francis Towne, look amazing.


I definitely look forward to checking out at least one of them!


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