Creative bits vol. 3

September has finished and  I thought it would be good to make a summary of creative bits I found over the last two months. It’s quite important for me to have that portion of inspiration now and then. Go on and check out the links below, some of them are very interesting!

photo from my Instagram

  • If you’re a fan of illustration and books, you should definitely check out this article from Creative Boom about a Korean artist Jungho Lee and his amazing collection.
  • A very interesting interview with Jon Burgerman – if you’re into doodles, you should definitely check it out. Also, you might want to follow his Instagram for some awesome work.
from Jon Burgerman’s Instagram
  • I found this amazing blog by a Belgian designer, so if you’re into interiors and aesthetics, it really is worth checking out!
  • Another similar website, this time to a Swedish interior stylist’s page, especially worth checking out her portfolio. You can also follow her on Instagram, which I definitely recommend!
from Lotta Agaton’s portfolio
  • Something different as well. You might realise by now that I like travelling quite a lot, so when I found this article from 2014 I immediately added these places to my travel list. They are so pretty I can already picture me taking thousands of photos while sightseeing.
  • Last, but not least interesting is an article from Creative Boom (again ;)) about Matthew Albanese who creates scaled models of landscapes. They look just amazing. You need a lot of patience to do these, that’s for sure!

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