Favourite Christmas ads

And so we have Christmas time again (time passes by so quickly!). Presents, decorations, food (loads of food) but it also brings every viewers’ favourite – Christmas ads. There are so many of them, it sometimes even feels overwhelming. But secretly we have our favourite ones – here is a list of my favourite Christmas ads. Ready to shed some tears?

  • my all time favourite has to be Sainsbury’s ad from last year – Mog’s Christmas Calamity. It’s not just because I like cats… of course not. The ad is quite moving (yes, a cliché for Christmas), but I also read up about Mog’s story and it made me cry even more. I am such a crybaby when it comes to cats and dogs.
  • another ad was made for John Lewis from last year – Man on the Moon; showing quite a simple truth that many people forget during Christmas (yes, it’s not just about the presents, right?)
  • the third ad – this year’s John Lewis ad – is a bit different. It’s funny and it doesn’t really play on people’s emotions, like the two previous ones, but it really made me laugh (also, the American elections remake you might have seen on youtube…)
  •  I have to admit that this year their series of ads for Christmas is quite… relevant. Aren’t the relevant ads the best? I am of course talking about the Tesco ads. They have a couple of them, but you have to admit… they show what a lot of us think in certain moments.
  • the last one is a surprise. The first time I saw it was probably on Huffington Post and it simply became one of my favourites. I am not a big fan of many Polish ads, but this one is awesome. Simple storytelling, perhaps showing the reality of many. Just go on and watch it. You’re welcome.


So, this is my list. Do you have any favourite Christmas ads?



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